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From Durango, CO ... Majik Ham
Alec Bell (15, guitar)   Elias Javier (15, keyboard).  Jordan Rainey (14, bass).  Taylor Williams (16, drums)


Majik Ham formed in June of 2019 under the direction of Tim Sullivan. At that point, it was just the boys. The band’s first gig was playing a few songs during Tim’s set at The Cowboy Poetry Festival in Durango’s Rotary Park. That’s when the band’s first audience gave them their name. Tim asked the audience for suggestions, and one person yelled “Majik” (the boys picked the “cool” spelling as goofy kids) and another yelled “Ham”! The rest is history. The boys were soon playing at the James Ranch re-opening and then the Wildhorse Saloon. They followed with a rock n’ roll medley at the 2020 Durango Snowdown Teen Follies. Their set list and bookings started to grow and then Covid brought the world to a halt. During 'Covid time-out' Majik Ham practiced distanced, masked, outside, and then in cold, well-ventilated garages, determined to keep the music going. As the world slowly reopened, they played at the Hillcrest Luau, the Weminuche Grill and the Wildhorse Saloon again with Tim, and then they were asked to return as the house band for the 2022 Teen Follies, and happily agreed. Now they’re back in business.


During the spring of 2022, when the boys were busy growing up and losing their soprano voices (and half of their set list!), they added their newest member, Jordan (Jordan Rainey music). She’s been the perfect addition, adding great talent, a beautiful voice, her own unique style, and lots of new songs to the Majik Ham mix. Their latest gigs as an expanded crew have included the 2022 Farmington Riverfest, 2022 Aztec Octoberfest, The Boys and Girls Club’s Teen Night, 2023 Snowdown Teen Follies (as the house band again), Durango High PTO fundraiser gala, and The Masada House fundraiser event in Farmington.


Majik Ham is currently booking for summer. See below for upcoming performance dates!

Upcoming events

May 26, 2023
Farmington Riverfest

June 23, 2023 (7pm)
EsoTerra Ciderworks

August 5, 2023
Serious Texas BBQ (south)

August 13, 2023
The Balcony

Majik Ham swag

T-shirts $20    Stickers $1

Send us contact info and we can Venmo and deliver

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